Maslow, Adam, Satan and Barzani

                We’re not discussing the historical accuracy. It is a well-known story. Adam and Eve who were living an easy life in paradise went through a sorrowful process starting with nakedness after eating the forbidden apple. What is it that grabs even the first human being by the nape of his neck? What was it that drove it? Are there any contemporary examples?

                  The story begins with the Satan. The command by the almighty Allah, “Kowtow to Adam”, caused Satan to refuse the command having an influence over Esteem and Self-actualization. Being driven out of paradise, Satan found a way to motivate Eve with Esteem.

                Being aware that she could not succeed alone, Eve convinced Adam into sin using her power of Love/Belonging. Adam whom Allah “taught all the names” was aware of all the consequences. Hence the sin which he was forced into led them to be cast out of heaven and their children to fall into the trial of a challenging world.  He let himself deceived at the cost of their existence.

                Being sent down to earth, Adam, of course, had to struggle with all the elements of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and motivation. Firstly, the physiological needs were to be fulfilled. They needed to cover themselves even while they were still in heaven. HE ATE THE APPLE. All his needs were within the distance of a touch. Safety which is at the second step was something which He never thought of while in heaven. It took his years to reach her Eve, which is love and belongings in other words.

                What are those values that steer us though we know that it is not right? How did they appear? Maslow.

                Examining human motivation, Abraham Maslow (1908-1970) showed that human needs come out in steps. Human beings would not concern themselves with the higher ones without fulfilling the lower reason of motivation. For instance, the need for respect of a person with hunger is out of question. That is why begging which an immigrant can never perform in his own country will not be considered as something humiliating in a foreign country. Satisfaction in the first step will continue with the second one. This motivation theory introduced to the west by Maslow is expressed in Anatolia in a similar was as it is in the west: ““When poverty comes in at the door, love flies out of window”.

                The principles of Maslow’s motivation hierarchy continue to influence their successors as they affected Satan, Adam and Eve. I suppose it will go on forever. We observe a highly similar interaction in the Middle East.

                With the agreement Sykes-Picot in 1916 and the confidential Treaty of Lausanne in 1920, the map of Middle East was drawn. The Middle Eastern Kurds who did not want Autonomy in the plebiscite of Kurdish territory in 1918 did not make use of the independence provided by 1920 Treaty of Lausanne. But the oil-rich territory caused the states accustomed to the culture of exploitation to keep hold of the Kurdish card for years. Mesud Barzani who is among the top in the Kurdish politics also took his share.

                Formed following the First Gulf War in 1991 as a result of some long-lasting, complicated, partially-confidential events and projections, Kurdistan Regional Government took its place in the 2nd Gulf War Iraqi Constitution. Northern Iraq having semi-autonomous independence as per the provisions in this constitution increasingly developed in power with the support of Turkey. Marketing the only source of income based upon petrol, could be achieved only with the help of Turkey.  And thus it fulfilled almost all its humanitarian needs.

                The step of physiological satisfaction according to Maslow’s order was met from Turkey in the same way as Adam got in heaven without even noticing. The second step was fulfilled partially by peshmerga forces as well as the support by the USA, the nonaggression of national Iraqi government and condonation of Turkey and Iran. The need for shelter of PKK was already satisfied through nonaggression against KRG. The Barzani administration speedily climbing up the stairs of love/belonging and esteem wanted to shift to the phase of self-Actualization.

                Though the step of self-actualization which is not within the borders allowed for Barzani served the other regional forces in good stead, Turkey and Iran were a threatening attack for the safety phase.

                Adam was deceived by Eve through love and belongings. We do not know yet what kind of love it was that convinced Barzani. However, it turns out that Turkey and Iran seem to push back the Northern Iraq region to the first step of Maslow. Just like Adam.


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